Why do we not book flights?

We do not book flights primarily because there are so many booking engines available to the consumer and so much price fluctuation that we can almost never guarantee them the best price, add to that the fact that flights are generally non-commissionable, and that we generally add no value, it's simply not a good [...]

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Can we book Annual Passes for a guest?

The short answer is, unfortunately, no.  There is a small work around that you could try if the guest is ok with it, We can book a lengthy park hopper, say 10 days, and then they can convert it to an annual pass when they arrive at Disney, they would just have to pay [...]

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Can we book Shades of Green and Military Discounted Tickets?

Unfortunately, we can not book Shades of Green or park tickets with the military discount.  This can typically be done through the military member's base travel office.  Please keep in mind that Shades of Green rates are scaled based on the Military member's rank.  So, higher ranking Military members often do just as well [...]

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When will I be eligible for my own Individual Agent CLIA Card?

We consider Individual Agent Membership in CLIA a privilege that is earned.  We encourage you to work hard to market and grow your business and we will be happy to reward your success in establishing yourself in the Disney Travel Agent business by accepting your CLIA application.  All CLIA applications require agency owner approval. [...]

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Can my guests buy extra Fastpasses?

Yes, if they are Club Level guests at select Resorts (listed below) that are eligible for Disney Signature Services and who have purchased a 3-day or longer theme park ticket or an annual pass are able to purchase a theme park extra for $50 plus tax per Guest per day as part of a new, [...]

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